Estate Plan Checkup

Evaluate whether any of the following things have changed since signing your estate plan:

Financial Circumstances (i.e. increase or decrease in value, income streams, expenses, life insurance).
Family Circumstances (i.e. new family addition, death, move, birth, marriage or divorce of person named in estate plan as beneficiary, personal representative, trustee, guardian).
Desires regarding the distribution of your assets.
Desires regarding the person you want to handle your affairs at your disability or death.
Your health or the health of another person designated to receive or manage your assets at your death.
Tax laws. Tax laws have changed significantly in recent years. Depending upon your circumstances, these changes may impact your estate plan.
Asset ownership. (Did you recently sell, gift, receive or change title to any major assets, accounts, funds or insurance?)
Change of Beneficiary Designations. (i.e. insurance, annuity, accounts, IRA, 401K, etc.)
Change of residency out of state.
Receipt of inheritance or creation of a new trust or estate.

If any of the above changes occurred since your last estate plan review, please consider contacting us to discuss if any modifications to your estate plan appear appropriate.  Many times little to no change is necessary.  However, some of the above items can significantly change the outcome of your estate plan if you do not make the appropriate changes.  Please feel free to contact us today! Call: (843) 785-6101, Email Us or Contact Us.

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